Are you trying to find an easy way to allow people to use your printers? We all expect printing to work when we need it to, and there are many scenarios why you need to have people print. One might be employees who all need to print on specific printers. There are coworking spaces where you allow your members to have access to specific printers. Then there are obstacles like finding the right driver for each operating system that your users have. Some work for Windows 7 but not Windows 10. Who uses a Mac, and what driver fits that system? What if someone wants to print from their phone or tablet? Is there a particular driver or software to make this work?

We've got you covered - Say Hello to ezeep Blue.

We have designed ezeep Blue is designed to manage your printing environment easily. It gives your users access to the printers you want them to use, allowing them to print easily from anywhere at any time.

ezeep Blue architecture

There are only three parts:  

  1. The ezeep Blue Connector for Print Server can be installed on a Windows device or comes embedded in the ezeep Hub. On the Windows-based connector, you only need to install your printers once, the ezeep Hub automatically detects printers, and you have to connect it to your ezeep Blue organization
  2. The ezeep Blue Cloud, where you assign printers to users and print jobs are processed and sent to the connector 
  3. The user is sending the print job through any of their devices via the ezeep Blue Print Apps.

Setting it all up will not take long and is pretty easy too. So let's take a quick look at it.

It all starts with your own ezeep Blue account, and there is one small thing to keep in mind when registering:

If you are already using an MS Azure Active Directory, you need to register through the Azure Marketplace. Follow this link for a detailed step-by-step guide.

If this is not the case, our article about Signing up for ezeep Blue will assist you with that.

Once you have completed the registration process, you can log in to your ezeep Blue Admin account.

You will always start with our Quick Start page, where you will find an Overview and a Get Started tab

Overview ezeep Blue portalIn the Overview tab, you can find all of our ezeep Blue software. On the left side, use the Get the Connector button, and you will find the different connectors and a link to our ezeep Hub information and order website. To the right, under the Get the Print App button, you will have access to the Apps your users will use to print.

Under the Get Started tab, you will see the Environment Setup guide for the initial setup of ezeep Blue. It explains step by step how to add printers to your ezeep Blue account and assign them to your users.

ezeep Blue Get Started-Quick Guide

Below the Environment Setup guide, you will find a More Information box with links to our knowledge base.

There you will also find more information about  Optional Configurations such as Remote Desktop and mobile Printing.

More Information and Configurations for ezeep Blue

Whatever your printing environment looks like and whoever you want to share your printers with, ezeep Blue provides an easy way to do it.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the setup, please contact us at

Let us bring back the ease of printing to you.