Goal of this Tutorial

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to see the printers that are configured on your local print server inside your Windows Virtual Desktop session and be able to print to them.

To Complete this tutorial you need

  • A modern web browser and internet access
  • Your ezeep admin account credentials
  • A Windows Virtual Desktop instance and admin account credentials for that instance
  • A Windows print server with at least one configured printer queue
  • Admin account credentials for the Windows print server

Let’s get started

First, we are installing the ezeep Connector for Print Server on your print server. This component connects the printer queues of that server with your ezeep organization. It communicates information about the printer to the ezeep cloud and receives and processes print jobs from the ezeep cloud. Contrary to the ezeep Connector that is installed on a users’ workstation, the ezeep Connector for Print Server runs as a service and requires administrator credentials to be installed.

  1. Download the ezeep Connector for Local Print Servers:
  2. Run the setup as an administrator and follow the prompts
  3. After clicking on “Finish” the sign-in page will open in the default web browser. Enter your ezeep administrator credentials and close the browser or tab

The ezeep Connector for Print Server sends information about its printers to the ezeep Cloud. Next, we will use the ezeep admin portal to configure these printers and assign them to a user group.

  1. Log in to the ezeep admin portal at https://app.ezeep.com with your ezeep admin credentials and select “Network Printers” from the menu on the left.
  2. Select one of the printers from the table to configure its propertiesscreenshot: list of network printers in ezeep Blue
  3. Click on the Assignments tab and + to select a user group. Any user in this group will see this printer in their Windows Virtual Desktop session and be able to print to it.screenshot: user group assignment in ezeep Blue
  4. Click on Add Groups to confirm the selection

If you have already installed the ezeep Print App on your Windows Virtual Desktop instance during the previous tutorial, you can skip the next steps.

  1. Log in to your Windows Virtual Desktop instance as an administrator
  2. Download the ezeep Print App installer from https://ezeep.com/products/ezeep/wvd/ezeepPrintApp.exe, copy it to your Windows Virtual Desktop instance and run it
  3. After selecting your preferred language, simply follow the prompts
  4. After clicking on Finish, you will be asked to reboot your WVD instance