The feature that allows users to print to their own printers is called “Local Printer Support”. Setting it up consists of three parts:

  1. Install the ezeep Connector on the users’ PC by following the instructions in “Install the ezeep Connector on a user’s PCs”
  2. Install the the ezeep Print App on the Windows Virtual Desktop by following the instructions in “Install the ezeep Print App”
  3. Allow the security groups to which the users belong to use this feature
    • Log in to the ezeep admin portal at with your ezeep admin credentials and select “Local Printer Support” from the menu on the left.
    • Click on the + icon and select the user groups from your Azure directory for which members you want to allow printing to their own, locally configured printers. Confirm your selection by clicking the “Add groups” button.

screenshot - local printer support