Access the hub interface by visiting your hub’s IP address (if you don’t know it, you can find it by downloading and running the ThinPrint Hub Finder under “Tools” at

screenshot: ThinPrint Hub Finder

1. Login to the hub with the default password (check the hub manual for the default password)

screenshot: ezeep Hub sign-in

2. Go to the “Printers” page:

screenshot: ezeep Hub Printers page

2. Click “Add Printer”

screenshot: ezeep Hub Add Printer

3. Select “USB” from the port menu, then select the printer from “printer address”, and enter a name for the printer, then click “save”:

screenshot: ezeep Hub add USB printer

4. Your USB printer will now be available for use by the hub, and you can see it listed in your network printers in your admin portal:

screenshot: ezeep Hub Printers list