ezeep is a great alternative to Google Cloud Print. It not only provides an easy way to print from any device to your printers but also adds a vast amount of granular management controls. With ezeep, you stay in control of who will use your printers, set quotas or restrict color printing. It even offers per page charging options as well as secure follow-me printing. The following steps describe how to replace Google Cloud Print with ezeep.

1. Uninstall Google Cloud Printer and Disable Google Cloud Print
2. Create your ezeep Account
3. Install the Connector Software
4. Finish the Configuration
5. Invite Users to Use Your Printers

1. Uninstall Google Cloud Printer and Disable Google Cloud Print

  • If you have the Google Cloud Printer service installed, uninstall it from your local PC. Open your start menu and find “Add or remove programs”.
    Add or Remove Programs
  • Find “Google Cloud Printer” (if you have installed the Google Cloud Printer Windows driver) and “Google Cloud Print Service” within the list of programs, and select “uninstall” for both of them.
    Google Cloud Printer & Google Cloud Print Service in the list of programs
  • Open your Chrome browser and go to chrome://devices, and select “disconnect printers”. This will disable the Google Cloud Print connector from adding new printers to the cloud.List of Devices in Chrome

2. Create your ezeep Account

In this section, you will create an ezeep account and download the ezeep software.

  • Visit www.ezeep.com and select “Try For Free” on the top right of the page. Select “Sign up & Try for Free” on the bottom left.
    Free Trial Page
  • Enter your email address and click “Create Account”.
    Create Account
  • Check your inbox for an email from the ezeep-Team.
  • Click the link in the email and fill out the following registration form.
    ezeep Account Details
  • Once you’ve submitted your data, you’ll be logged into your ezeep dashboard.ezeep Admin Dashboard

3. Installing the Connector Software

ezeep requires a connector PC (the local computer which has your printers and printer drivers installed on it. this PC must be running Windows). Once the ezeep Connector is installed on the connector PC, the printers will be available for configuration through the ezeep admin portal.

  • In your admin portal, click “Apps” on the left hand menu, scroll down and select the Windows connector.
    Windows Connector Download
  • After downloading the app, click on the downloaded file to install the connector.
  • Once the connector installation is complete, double click on the ezeep icon on your desktop to launch the application.
  • You will be presented with a login prompt. Log in with the account you just created.
    ezeep Sign-in Page
  • Your printers are now connected to the cloud.

4. Finish the Configuration

  • Right click on the origami bird icon in your system tray and select “Manage Account”.
    Manage account
  • Go to the “Groups” page and create a group.
    User Groups Administration
  • Return to your “Users & Groups” page to assign users to your new group.
    Assigning Users to Groups
  • Go to your “Policies” page and create a new policy.
    Policy Setup
  • Select your user group and printers and close the pop-up.

5. Invite Users to Use Your Printers

  • Go to your “Users & Groups” page and invite your users.
    List of users
  • When you invite users, they will receive an invite email where they can set their password to login to their ezeep web portal.
  • Once they login to their web portal, they can click the “Print Now” button to upload a document to print, or they can visit their “Apps” page and download the ezeep for Desktop app to their device. This will install the ezeep cloud print queue on their device, allowing them to print to the cloud printer directly from an application.
    Print Now