Signing up for ezeep Blue


Navigate to and select the “Try for Free ” button

Select the "Get Started Now" button in the right-side panel for ezeep Blue

When you are an Azure Marketplace customer please select the option below the button and continue with Tutorial: First Steps to Print with ezeep Blue in Windows Virtual Desktop deployments



Create your organization by entering an email address and PW. If you already have a Microsoft, Google or Apple account then select the respective button to insert your information and you will have Single Sign-On for your ezeep Blue account.

Fill in Organization details and click the Create button


This will bring you to your ezeep Blue Admin Portal

Go to the Network Printers option on the left side

Add your Printer(s)

Follow the steps in your Quick Start Guide under the Network Printers Tab -

  1. Download the ezeep Blue Connector for Local Print Servers:
  2. Run the setup as an administrator and follow the prompts
  3. After clicking on “Finish” the sign-in page will open in the default web browser. Enter your ezeep Blue administrator credentials and close the browser or tab


Or follow the link below if you are using the ezeep Hub to connect your printers

Tutorial: First steps with the ezeep Hub


Now you have printers

Let’s go to the “Users and Groups” on the left side and then click on the blue ADD Users button on the right side of the screen


Click on Invite. This will send an email to your user that invites them to use your printers

Go back to the “Users and Groups” option on the left and click on the blue ADD Group button on the right side of the screen

Click on ADD GROUP

Input the group information and click on Create

Click on the Pen icon on the right side of the screen to edit your Group

Click on the Members tab and assign users to this group

Then click on the Printers tab and assign a printer to your group[

Then finish by selecting Done


What your user will see after you invite them

The user will receive an invitation email

They will click on the link provided in the email and it will navigate them to the Accept invitation page

They will click on the Create new account button. When a user has an existing account with Microsoft, Google or Apple to use the Single Sign-on Feature or if they already use ezeep Blue with another organization and want to use the same credentials for both organizations, select the corresponding buttons above.

They will be able to set their Name and Password and then select the Create new account button

They will click on the Microsoft Windows button and it will download the ezeep Blue Print App to install.

There is more information about the ezeep Blue Print App here:

User Guide - Signing In from the ezeep Print App

After the app is installed, they can go to an application to print from and see the printer that was assigned to them.