Install the ezeep Blue Chrome extension

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Add to Chrome"
    Screenshot - ezeep Blue in extension store
  3. Click on "Add extension"
    Screenshot - add ezeep Blue extension to Chrome

You will see a confirmation that the extension was added to Chrome.Screenshot - confirmation of ezeep Blue extension having been added

Sign in to ezeep Blue

  1. Click on the ezeep Blue icon in your browser pane next to the address bar. Screenshot: ezeep Blue chrome extension in Chrome extension barIf you can't see it, open the extension option menu by clicking on the puzzle piece icon to see all installed extensions. Then, click the "pin" icon next to ezeep blue.Screenshot: Check extensions list to pin the ezeep Blue extension
  2. Click on SIGN INScreenshot - ezeep Blue Sign In from Chrome Extension
  3. A Sign-in window opens. Sign in with your ezeep Blue credentials.
    Screenshot - ezeep Blue Sign In form

The window closes itself. You are now signed in and able to print with ezeep Blue. 


  1. Enter CTRL+P to open the print dialog and wait for the printers to load
  2. Click on the printer name next to Destination and select "See more..." (The next time you print your printer will already be selected in the Destination field and you can skip this and the next step.)
    Screenshot - Chrome Print Destinations
  3. You will see a list of all available printers. Select the printer to which you want to print. ezeep Blue printers are identified on the right side.
    Screenshot - Chrome Printer Selection
  4. Check the print job properties and click on "Print"
    Screenshot - Chrome Print Dialog

Your print job will be sent to the printer.