ezeep Blue requires a set of permissions to sync users from an Azure AD.  When Azure AD users don't seem to be  syncing correctly to ezeep Blue, it is a good idea to verify the permissions that are granted to ezeep Blue by the Azure Active Directory. 

  1. Go to Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise Applicationsscreenshot - ezeep for Azure Enterprise Applications

  2. Select ezeep for Azure and click on Permissions in the menu bar on the left
    screenshot - Overview of ezeep for Azure in Enterprise Applications

  3. Check that the permissions as shown in this screenshot are listedlist of permissions granted to ezeep Blue

  4. If some or all of the permissions are missing, click on “Grant admin consent for Default Directory” to recreate them.screenshot - Grant admin consent for Default Directory

  5. Provide your Azure AD credentials when prompted and accept the permissions.

    screenshot - permissions requested for ezeep Blue org