Zapier is a great platform to automate printing workflows. Setting up a successful Zap with ezeep Blue is quite simple.

Preparing your ezeep Blue organization

  1. Create an ezeep Blue organization
    1. If you haven't done so, yet, go to, pick ezeep Blue and click on "Get Started Now" in the ezeep Blue box to sign up for your own organization.
    2. Sign in with one of the offered social providers or enter an email address and password
    3. Provide some additional information about you and your organization.
  2. Connect your printers to your ezeep Blue organization
    After your organization is created, you will automatically be signed in to your ezeep Blue admin portal.
    1. On the Quick Start page click on "Get the Connector". 
    2. From the menu that opens, select the ezeep Blue Connector for Print Server. 
      (If you would like to use the ezeep Hub instead and avoid having to use a PC or Server, click on "ezeep Hub")
    3. Download and install the ezeep Blue Connector for Print Server on a Windows PC or Server that has the printers you want to use in your Zaps installed.
      (You can install as many connectors as you need.)
    4. At the end of the installation you will be asked to log in. Use the ezeep Blue credentials you chose when you created your ezeep Blue organization
  3. Create a Group and assign user and printer(s) to the group
    1. In your ezeep Blue admin Portal go to Users & Groups and select the Groups tab
    2. Click on "+Add Group", provide a group name and click on "Create"
    3. Click on the pencil symbol next to the group name to edit this group
    4. In the "Group Information" dialog that pops up, go to "Members" tab and add your user to the group followed by going to the "Printers" tab and adding your printer(s) to the group.
    5. Click on Done to save your changes and close the "Group Information" dialog

Configuring the Zap

  1. Make sure that the browser you are using to set up the Zap is not already logged in to ezeep Blue by following this link
  2. Pick an app as trigger which provides a file to Zapier and configure it according to that app's instructions. Use the Test Trigger option to be able to configure the Action and test the Zap when you are done.
  3. Select the ezeep Blue app as Action
  4. Select "Print File" as Action Event
    screenshot: Zapier ezeep Blue Choose app & event
  5. Click on "Sign in to ezeep Blue" to link the Zap with your ezeep Blue account.
    screenshot: Zapier ezeep Blue Choose accountWhen you see the "Sign in to ezeep" form, authenticate with your ezeep Blue credentials.
    screenshot: Sign in to ezeepClick on Choose an account... and select the ezeep Blue account.
    screenshot: Zapier ezeep Blue Choose connection
    Note: If your browser is already logged in to ezeep Blue, you won't see the "Sign in with ezeep" form and Zapier will automatically create a connection with the ezeep Blue account that is already stored in the browser. In that case, follow the link in step 1 to log out of ezeep Blue and repeat step 5.
  6. Set up the action. The following information will help you with the configuration of each of option.
    Field title
    FileSpecify the link to the file you want to print. You can either print the same file every time the Zap runs or print a file that is provided by the trigger.varies based on the trigger
    e.g. "All Attachments: (Exists but not shown)", "File: (Exists but not shown)", "Attachment: (Exists but not shown)
    File Typespecify the document type. The type usually corresponds with the ending of the file. All supported file types are one of the offered file types
    e.g. "pdf", "png", "docx", etc.
    PrinterAny printer that is assigned to your ezeep Blue user account to is listed here. To change printer assignments, go to your ezeep Blue admin Portal and configure the printers for the group(s) your ezeep Blue account belongs to.Pick the printer to which you want the Zap to print.
    CopiesSpecify how many copies of the document you want printed.A whole number representing the number of copies. e.g. 1, 2, 100, ...
    FilenameThis field is not mandatory. You can provide a file name for tracking purposes.enter a file name or pick a file name object from the trigger app.
    e.g. "MyZapDocument", "From Name (Bob Hunter)"
    ColorThis field is not mandatory. If the selected printer supports color printing, you have the option to choose color or monochrome.Choose "Color" or "Monochrome" if offered both
    Paper FormatThis field is not mandatory. If nothing is selected, the paper format of the document is used. However, you can also specify any of the paper formats the printer supports.

    Choose one of the paper formats the printer supports. "Auto" for automatic detection is recommended.
    e.g. "Auto", "A4", "Legal", "Executive"
    ResolutionThis field is not mandatory. You can choose the "quality" of the printout based on values the printer supports. A higher number usually means a better printout. Keep in mind that in most cases, the differences are only visible when printing photos or pictures.Choose the Resolution of the printout.
    e.g. "300", "600"
    Paper OrientationThis field is not mandatory. You can choose between Landscape and Portrait mode for your printout.Choose "portrait" or "landscape"
    When you are done with setting up the action, click on Continue.
  7. Test your Zap by clicking on "Test & Continue" or "Test & Review" 
  8. Upon successful Testing, enable your Zap