Universal Print Connector by ezeep easily connects all your printers to Microsoft's Universal Print

Printer manufacturers are working to add support for Microsoft's Universal Print to new printers. What are we supposed to do with all of our "old" printers? Most of them are working rather well and the expense of replacing printers is not attractive. There could be a huge benefit from using Microsoft's Universal Print capabilities. There needs to be a way to add support to existing printers that is cost effective, ecological and easy to do.

With Universal Print Connector by ezeep, any existing printer can support Microsoft's Universal Print. It is a solid-state micro-appliance that is easily deployed throughout the Enterprise Office, dispersed among the Remote Offices and easily added to any Home Office. The appliance can connect with an ethernet port to detect printers within the LAN or there are USB ports that allow for individual printers to connect to it as well. Either way that you connect your printer, just connect it to Power and to the Internet so the printers can be added to a Universal Print account and assign it to the users.

The Universal Print Connector by ezeep was developed because software connectors require a PC or Server that has to be set aside, maintained, secured and kept running at all times. That will cost around $2000 per year according to Quocirca - global market and research. This is significantly less economical compared to a solid-state micro-appliance, configured with a simple web interface, that doesn’t need maintenance or security updates because we have customized, locked-down and hardened the Operating System.

When you purchase an Universal Print Connector by ezeep appliance you will input your Microsoft admin account credentials making the printers only accessible to the authorized users in the account. The printers are registered in Microsoft's Universal Print so you can assign licenses to the users or security groups. Once the permissions are configured then share the printer to the user to add to their PC, or WVD, for printing.

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