ezeep Blue is a great alternative to Google Cloud Print. It not only provides an easy way to print from any device to your printers but also adds a vast amount of granular management controls. With ezeep Blue, you stay in control of who will use your printers, set quotas or restrict color printing. It even offers per page charging options as well as secure follow-me printing. The following steps describe how to replace Google Cloud Print with ezeep Blue.

  1. Uninstall Google Cloud Printer and Disable Google Cloud Print
  2. Create your ezeep Blue organization
  3. Install the ezeep Blue Connector Software
  4. Finish the Configuration
  5. Try it out

1. Uninstall Google Cloud Printer and Disable Google Cloud Print

  • If you have the Google Cloud Printer service installed, uninstall it from your local PC. Open your start menu and find “Add or remove programs”.
    Add or Remove Programs
  • Find “Google Cloud Printer” (if you have installed the Google Cloud Printer Windows driver) and “Google Cloud Print Service” within the list of programs, and select “uninstall” for both of them.
    Google Cloud Printer & Google Cloud Print Service in the list of programs
  • Open your Chrome browser and go to chrome://devices, and select “disconnect printers”. This will disable the Google Cloud Print connector from adding new printers to the cloud.List of Devices in Chrome

This completes the removal of Google Cloud Print.

2. Create your ezeep Blue organization

The next step is to create an ezeep Blue account and download the ezeep Print App.

  • Visit www.ezeep.com and select “Try For Free” on the top right of the page. Select “Get Started Now” on the bottom right.
    screenshot-Start Trial ezeep Blue
  • ezeep Blue supports multiple ways to authenticate. Select either a social provider to use existing Microsoft, Google or Apple credentials or enter your email address, choose a password and click "Next"
  • Fill out the information about your company. Should you be setting up this account for personal use, write "personal" or something similar in the Company field and choose "Other" as industry. Click "Next"
    screenshot-lets start company infos
  • The ezeep Blue admin portal will open. Should you have chosen an email address and password during the signup, you will see a message asking you to verify your email address. Click on "Close" for now but remember to look for an email from ezeep in your mailbox and verify the address by clicking on the link in that email.
    screenshot: verify email message
  • On the left click on "Apps & Downloads". Here you can download the apps that make the ezeep Blue printers available on your device. Click on the blue arrow next to your platform. Based on your choice a download will start or you will be forwarded to the app store of the selected platform. Install the Print App and when prompted for credentials, use the same you used to create your ezeep Blue organization.
    screenshot: admin portal Apps & Downloads

3. Installing the ezeep Connector Software

Connecting your printer(s) with your ezeep Blue organization requires either a Windows PC or the ezeep Hub. This article describes how to use a PC. However, if you are interested in using the ezeep Hub instead, have a look here and here.

  • From the Windows PC that has your printer(s) installed, go to https://www.ezeep.com/downloads/ezeep-blue/ and download the "ezeep Connector for Print Server".
    screenshot: download connector PS
  • After the download is completed, run the installer and follow the prompts. At the end of the installation, your web browser will open and show you the ezeep Blue login page. Log in with the credentials you used to sign up for your ezeep Blue organization.
    screenshot: sign in Connector PS

4. Finish the Configuration

The last step is assigning your printer(s) to your user. This is done in the ezeep Blue admin portal.

  • Log in to the ezeep Blue admin portal by going to https://app.ezeep.com and logging in with the same credentials you used when creating your ezeep Blue organization.
  • Click on "Users & Groups" on the left, followed by clicking on the "Groups" tab and on "Add Group"
  • In the Group Information window that opens, enter a name for the group and click on "Create"
    screenshot: group creation
  • Your newly created group will be listed in the Groups list. Click on the pencil symbol next to it to edit the group.
  • Switch to the "Members" tab and select your user account.
    screenshot: group information members assignment
  • Switch to the "Printers" tab and select the printer(s) to which you want to print via ezeep Blue.
    screenshot: Group information printers assignment
  • Click on "Done" to close the Group Information window. Your configuration of ezeep Blue is completed.

5. Try it out

Last step of setting up ezeep Blue is trying it out. This step varies a bit based on the ezeep Blue Print App you downloaded and installed before.

  • If you installed the ezeep Print App for Windows, simply wait 1-2 minutes. The printers you assigned in the admin portal will appear automatically in your application.
  • If you installed the ezeep Print App for Chrome, open the print dialog of your chrome browser, choose "See More" from "Destination" and look for printers with the ezeep bird icon
  • If you installed the ezeep Print App for iOS or Android, simply open the App, select a document and pick your printer.