ezeep Blue provides a user portal. It allows users to see and modify their printer assignments and provides download options for the ezeep Print Apps and ezeep Connectors for Remote Desktops.

Opening the ezeep Blue User Portal

Open the user portal by going to https://app.ezeep.com and log in with your ezeep Blue credentials.

Based on your role in the ezeep Blue organization, your portal will look different.

screenshot - ezeep Blue admin portal with user portal view

User Portal menu options for admins

screenshot - ezeep Blue user portal

User Portal menu for users

Changing your printers on the My Printers page

The My Printers option is visible if your admin allowed you to pick your own printers. When allowed, all printers that are available in your ezeep Blue organization are shown. You will also see which printers are assigned to you. Assigned printers are the ones that you can use from the various ezeep Print Apps.
screenshot - user portal My Printers view

You can assign additional printers to yourself by clicking on one of the grey slider icons. A dark-blue slider icon identifies a self-assigned printer.

You can also remove self-assigned printers if you don't need those printers anymore. However, you cannot unassign printers that were assigned by an admin.
screenshot - self-assigned and unassigned printers

For information on how to restrict users from selecting their own printers in the user portal, click here.

Downloading ezeep Blue software from "Apps & Downloads"

The Apps & Downloads page lists all the apps you you may need to use ezeep Blue on all of your devices. The page is sectioned off in Print Apps for desktops, Print Apps for mobile devices and ezeep Blue Connectors.

ezeep Blue user portal - Apps & Downloads page

The Print Apps are required on the devices on which you work, have your apps running and want to print. They are available for Windows, Chrome OS, Android and iOS.

The Connectors for Remote Desktops are only required if you work in a Remote Desktop session (e.g. WVD, Citrix, RDSH) and need to print to a printer that is installed on your physical PC or Mac. Normally, your admin will tell you if you need to install a Connector for Remote Desktops