This feature has been deprecated and will be replaced with the My Printers page in the user portal. Click here for information on using the My Printers feature.

With ezeep Blue, when you connect and assign printers to a user group, the printers will automatically be created on the user's remote session or PC where they have the print app installed. However, in some cases, such as those where you have assigned the user a large amount of printers, the user may want to select which printers get created on their device, to avoid confusion.

Users can select which printers they'd like to use by using the Printer Self Service app on their Windows desktop which is installed as part of the Print App for Windows. This can be enabled for all users on your Network Printers page, under Settings:

screenshot: enable self service portal in admin dashboard

When this is enabled, you user can login to their session and open the Printer Self Service app:

screenshot: printer self service entry in start menu

From here, they can select Add Printer:

screenshot: add printers from printer self service

They will then see a list of printers that are assigned to them, and they can select which ones they want added to their session:

screenshot: select printers to be added