With the ezeep Blue Connector for Local Printer Support, users can use their printers which are installed on their Mac in their remote desktop session.

1. On the Mac, download the ezeep Connector from the admin portal or from here: https://ezeep.com/products/ezeep/wvd/ezeepConnector.pkg

2. Run the installer and follow the prompts
animation - installer ezeep Blue Connector (macOS)

3. Once the installation completes, the user will be prompted to login to their ezeep account:

screenshot: ezeep login prompt

4. The user can then enable the Connector to launch at login by cmd+clicking the ezeep icon in the top bar:

screenshot: Mac connector menu

Now that the Connector is running on the Mac, the user's printers will be created in their remote desktop session that is running the ezeep Print App.  For more info on installing the Print App, please click here.