When your ezeep environment is configured, you and your users should be able to see the printers available in whichever app they want to print from, whether it be from one of our mobile apps, our Chrome extension, or Zapier. When your printers do not show up as expected, there are somethings you can do to troubleshoot.

Check that your printers show up in your admin portal "Network Printers" page

When you install our Connector for Print Server, or configure your ezeep Hub for the first time, your printers should appear on the "Network Printers" page in your admin portal.

If this page reports that no printers are connected, please check that you installed and logged into the ezeep Connector for PS on the computer that hosts your printers (the login prompt will appear right after you install the connector). If you have an ezeep Hub, make sure the Hub shows that it is connected to your ezeep organization, on the Network page, under the "Cloud Connect" tab.

Check your printer assignments 

If your printers are connected, make sure that you have created assignments for them. Assignments are required for printers to be accessible for users and applications via the API. For more info on how assignments work, please click here.

If you do not have any assignments but prefer to allow your users to select their own printers, then you or the user can check the "My Printers" page in their own portal, where the users can choose which printers they want to have access to.

screenshot: my printers page in user portal

If the user does not select a printer in this view, it will not be created in their app. For more information on configuring printer self service, please click here.