When you are using a Google account, Microsoft account or Sign in with Apple then you would need to reset your password in those platforms. That will allow you to use the same password in ezeep Blue.

When you have signed in using your email address to create your account and you have forgotten your password for ezeep Blue then there is a place to reset your password at the bottom of the login screen.

Login Screen

When you Click here  You will be sent to the next screen asking for your email address.

Email address for password reset

Enter your email address and we will send you an email to reset your password.

Reset Password Email

Click on the Reset Password words/Link and it will open a web page 

Type in your new password on both lines, click on Set Password

Password is set

Now click on the Back to sign-in button

or on the previous login page you can click on Back to sign-in or have our system resend the email for the password reset. 

Sign in again