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Errors when claiming an ezeep Hub

Note: ezeep hub beta firmware 1.13 or higher.

Problem 1: Message: Hub unknown

Cause: The ID of the Hub does not exist in the cloud-hosted pool of devices


1. Check the firmware version of the Hub. It must be or higher for the Remote  Management of Hubs to work. If that is not the case request the latest firmware from and update your Hub.

2. Ensure that the Hub is able to reach the internet. 

Problem 2: Message: Hub not connected

Cause: The Hub is known to ezeep Blue but cannot be accessed at the moment.


1. Check that the Hub is running and can be accessed. To do so, open a web browser in the same network as the Hub and connect to it via its IP address e.g. or hostname. 

2. Check that nothing prevents the Hub from accessing the internet.

3. Restart the Hub by unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in after a few seconds. After waiting a couple of minutes, try again to Claim the Hub.

Problem 3: Message: Hub already claimed

Cause: The Hub has already been claimed by another ezeep Blue organization


1. If you administrate several ezeep blue organizations, check if the Hub is listed in one of the other organizations. It will either show in the Connectors list with its MAC address or its DNS name.

2. Reach out to and provide the Hubs MAC address to have the Hub released. Our service team might ask you for proof of ownership.

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