Printing in home offices is a challenge for organizations that require a certain level of security. Whether it is a VPN that when enabled prevents access to the printer on the home network, or a company-provided, locked-down laptop without the correct driver for the home office printer installed, or simply a policy that allows users to use their Chromebooks or Tablets to connect to centrally hosted remote desktops, the challenge is always the same: How do I set up printing at home without the significant time investment required doing it one by one. 

ezeep's solution is the ezeep Hub with Cloud Management. The ezeep Hub is a micro-appliance that is installed in the network of the home office printer. It scans the network for printers and reports them to the ezeep Blue organization. The ezeep Blue admin can either assign the printer to a user group or allow users to pick their own printers in their user portal. In either way, the home office printer will appear on the user's desktop within one minute.

Here are the steps to set this up.

Install the ezeep Blue Print App on the user's device

1. Based on the operating system of the user, install one of the following ezeep Blue Print Apps:

2. Let the user log in to the ezeep Blue Print App with their ezeep Blue credentials

Connect the ezeep Hub to the home office network

Ask the user to perform the following simple steps:

1. unbox the ezeep Hub and write down the MAC address. The MAC address can be found on the bottom of the Hub

2. plug in an ethernet cord to connect the Hub with the router

3. plug in the power cord.

4. send the MAC address to one of the ezeep admins

Claim the ezeep Hub

As ezeep admin perform the following steps:

1. Log in to the ezeep Admin portal at 

2. Navigate to Network Printers -> Connectors 

3. Click on Add Connector -> Claim Hub

4. Enter the MAC address of the Hub you want to claim and click on Claim

The ezeep Hub will now be listed in your list of connectors. It's name will look like: Hub b825ebd31c44 with b825ebd31c44 being the MAC address you entered during claiming.

Connect the ezeep Hub to your organization

After claiming, the ezeep Hub can be configured through the ezeep admin portal. The next steps configure the Hub to provide information about printers to the ezeep organization and be ready to receive print jobs.

1. To configure the ezeep Hub, click on the icon on the right side of the table. A new tab or browser window will open and after a few seconds show the ezeep Hub login screen.

2. Log in to the ezeep Hub. The default password is "print4life"

3. Select Network from the menu on the left.

4. Change the default hostname to a name that identifies the user. e.g. Hub-BJonson and click on Save. This will help you find the right hub in the ezeep admin portal in the future. 

5. Navigate to the Cloud Connect tab and click on Connect. Should you be asked to log in, log in as ezeep Blue admin

After successful login you will see the Connectors list in the admin portal. Should the newly connected Hub not show up there right away, try refreshing the page.

Configure printers

Each printer needs a printer driver. ezeep Blue will automatically select a driver if it can and otherwise offer the admin to select one.

1. In the Connectors table, select the ezeep Hub.

2. In the side panel on the right, click on Show Connected Printers. This will show all printers that this Hub found in the home office network.

3. For each of the printers assign a driver by doing the following:

- select the printer in the table

- click on Select a Driver in the side panel

- navigate manufacturer and model list and select a suitable driver

- click on Select a Driver followed by a click on Save

The printers are now ready to be used. If My Printers is available to users they can pick their printers via the user portal. Otherwise, assign the printers to user groups to make them available.