If you signed up through Microsoft Marketplace scroll to the last heading of this article

Canceling a Trial

When you have setup to try out ezeep Blue you get 30 days before the trial ends automatically.

You do not need to cancel anything.

There is no automatic start to your account until you have added your Payment information to begin the subscription. 

You can always contact the service department to verify or get help during your trial at service@ezeep.com 

Canceling after you have subscribed

When you have signed up by adding your Payment information into your ezeep portal then you can cancel through your portal as well. 

Login to your ezeep Blue account and go to your Subscription tab on the left hand side.

Subscription Tab

Click on the Manage Subscription button in the middle of your screen

Mange your subscription will popup and click on the arrow next to your subscription

ezeep Blue Subscription

The next popup will show the option to Cancel Subscription, click on that option.

Subscription Details

Your date of Cancelation will be noted for the end of your term.

Cancellation Screen

Please, give us the reason that you are canceling. We are always trying to improve our service and your input could help us with that.

Then Click on the "Confirm Cancellation" button.

Canceling through your Microsoft Azure account

When you have signed up in your Microsoft Azure account to use ezeep Blue then you would need to cancel through your MS Azure account.

Login to your Microsoft Azure Portal

MS Azure Account

You can go into your SaaS service and select ezeep Blue or from your recent resources pick the ezeep Blue option

Cancellation Option

Then select to Unsubscribe