ezeep Blue offers two different ways to connect users to an ezeep Account:

  1. First, invite users through ezeep Blue's built-in user and group management using the user's email address.

  2. Connecting ezeep Blue to an Azure Active Directory by creating the ezeep Blue Subscription through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

Note: ezeep Blue Subscriptions created through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace can also invite users via email, but ezeep subscriptions created directly through the ezeep Blue website cannot be connected to a Microsoft Azure Active Directory at this time.

This article covers managing users and user groups in an account without Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Here's how to get started:

1.    Log into app.ezeep.com and navigate to "Users and Groups: in the navigation bar on the left

2. To add users click the blue "Add User" button and add the email addresses for the users you want to invite

3. Navigate to the "Groups" tab, click the blue "Add Group" button, enter a name for your group and click "create."

4. Click the pencil on the right side of the group you just created, navigate to the "Members" tab and select the users you want to be part of the group

5. Navigate to the "Printers" tab and select the printers the members of the group need to use, and click "Done" to finish the process.

The users assigned to the group now have access to the printers that are also part of the group.