With ezeep Blue you can easily print to a printer connected to your home or local network via WiFi or Ethernet connection using your Android device. This is very useful if you have a printer that is not able to receive print data directly or if you need to print at a hotel, customer’s location etc. ezeep Blue is an official “Android Print Provider” and integrates seamlessly with your workflows.

The following steps require

  1. an active ezeep Blue account. If you don’t have an ezeep Blue account, yet, sign up instructions are here
  2. the ezeep Blue app to be installed from the Google Play store and signed in on your Android device. Installation instructions are here if you need them.
  3. a printer connected to the same WiFi network as your Android device. The printer can be connected via WiFi or Ethernet cable. Other options to connect printers to ezeep Blue can be found here.

To print, follow these steps:

  • Open the ezeep App
  • Select "Print A File"
  • Chose the file or photo you're looking to print
  • Tap the arrow pointing to the right next to the printer name
  • Tap the "WiFi" tab on the right
  • Tap the name of the printer on your network

  • Tap "Select a printer model"
  • Chose the manufacturer of your printer
  • Select the printer model or one close to it
  • Tap "Apply Changes"

  • Set any print options you're looking to change and tap "Print"