With ezeep Blue you can easily connect a printer in your office, at an employees home office or any other remote site you frequently use to your ezeep Blue account and make it available to your user’s Android devices. Using this option allows you to manage printing for your Android users like you would for Mac or PC users and enable mobile workflows.

The following steps require

  1. an active ezeep Blue account. If you don’t have an ezeep Blue account, yet, sign up instructions are here
  2. the ezeep Blue app to be installed from the Google Play store and signed in on your Android device. Installation instructions are here if you need them.
  3. at least one printer connect to ezeep Blue and assigned to the users using them from their Android. Please see
    1. How to connect printers to ezeep Blue
    2. How to assign printers to users

Setup for this feature requires some technical know how, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service teams.

To print, follow these steps:

  • In the print dialog of the app your looking to print from tap "Select Printer"
  • Chose any of the printers provided by ezeep, they are easily recoginzable by the ezeep logo in front of the printer name
  • Select any print options and tap the blue print icon.