ezeep Blue offers four convenient ways to connect to a printer from your Mac, PC, Chromebook, Chrome browser, iOS device, iPad or Android device. Instructions for each type of device can be found separately in the knowledge base.

This step is necessary to ensure you can manage printing for your users, give them access to all the correct printers at the office, a remote site, their home office or wherever they need to print. ezeep Blue ensures easy connections for all existing print Infrastructure and printers and ensures an easy setup for new offices, hybrid work scenarios, remote sites and more.

The following options require

  1. an active ezeep Blue account. If you don’t have an ezeep Blue account, yet, sign up instructions are here

There are four ways to add printers to your ezeep Blue account:

  1. Connect printers on an existing print server to your ezeep Blue account using the ezeep Blue Connector for Print Servers. Printers from a print server can be assigned to all users in your ezeep Blue account.

  2. Connect printers using the ezeep Hub, a solid-state micro appliance to bridge your local infrastructure to the cloud. Printers from an ezeep Hub can be assigned to all users in your ezeep Blue account.

  3. Connect a printer installed on a user's computer using the ezeep Blue Connector for Windows or macOS. These printers are only available to the user. You can enable or disable this option.

  4. Detect printers on the WiFi network your Android or iOS/iPadOS device is connected to. 

Important: Make sure your users have printers assigned to them. Click here to learn how to assign printers