With ezeep Blue you can easily connect a printer in your office, at an employees home office or any other remote site you frequently use to your ezeep Blue account and make it available to your user’s Macs . Using this option allows you to manage printing for your Mac users like you would for PC users. 

With ezeep Blue Mac users can easily become part of a managed print infrastructure that supports zero-trust setup, user's selecting their printers without admin support, eliminating driver installations, centralized management for printer assignments and permissions across all devices in your organization including Macs, PCs, iOS and iPadOS devices, Android and Chromebooks. 

The following steps require

  1. an active ezeep Blue account. If you don’t have an ezeep Blue account, yet, sign up instructions are here
  2. the ezeep Blue app to be downloaded from the ezeep User Portal and installed on the Mac of each user that needs to have access to printing via ezeep Blue. 
  3. Each user needs to be signed into the ezeep Blue app on their Mac and the app needs to be running.
  4. at least one printer connect to ezeep Blue and assigned to the users using them from their Mac. Please see
    1. How to connect printers to ezeep Blue
    2. How to assign printers to users

Setup for this feature may require some technical know how, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service teams.

To print, follow these steps:

ezeep Blue on a Mac integrates seamlessly into MacOS and you can print using ezeep anywhere MacOS can print using either the 

  • "File -> Print" option with your mouse/trackpad or 
  • the "Command + P" keyboard shortcut.

Printers provided by ezeep Blue are denoted with an [e] in the drop down list with all your printers and print options are available through the usual MacOS selections.