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ezeep Blue Hub Configuration

The ezeep Hub connects your printers to the ezeep Blue cloud instantly.* There are no mechanical components and no maintenance – just relaxed printing.


  1. You are the admin of an ezeep Blue account.
  2. Your ezeep Hub is connected to your network and powered up. The device starts up automatically after power is supplied. The start-up process can take up to 1 minute.
  3. To find your ezeep Hub on the network, check link: Finding your ezeep Hub on the network

Configure the network settings and connect the Hub to your ezeep Blue account

By default, the ezeep Hub is configured for DHCP to receive an IP address automatically. Static IP addresses can be enabled with the instructions below:

  1. Changing the name on the network (optional):
    Find the field Hostname and change the name.screenshot: ezeep Hub network settings
  2. Changing the IP address (optional):
    Enable the "manual configuration" button and provide your network information.
    screenshot: ezeep Hub IP4 settings
  3. To save your changes, click on Save at the bottom of the page.
  4. To use your ezeep Hub, you must connect it with the ezeep Blue cloud organization. Go to the "Cloud Connect" tab.screenshot: connect to ezeep
  5. Click on the Connect button. A new browser tab will open.
  6. You will be requested to sign in to your ezeep Blue account.screenshot: sign in to ezeep
  7. Enter your Admin credentials for your ezeep Blue organization.
  8. Your Hub is now connected with your ezeep Blue Cloud organization. You may close the browser tab.

Adding your printers to the ezeep Hub

Add printers manually

You can add a printer manually, add printers detected on the network, or automatically add all printers.

To add a printer manually,

  1. Click on "Add Printer" in the Printers section.
  2. Enter printer name, printer model (optional), port, and IP address (IP address is only needed if TCP/IP or LPT is selected as port).
  3. Click on Save.

screenshot: ezeep Hub manually adding printers

Add printers automatically

For adding printers that were detected on the network,

  1. Go to the "Find Printers" tab in the Printers section of your ezeep Hub. The list will show all printers that the Hub was able to find.
  2. Choose the printer you want to add and click on the "Use Printer" button. This will move the selected printer to the list in the Printers tab of the ezeep Hub.

screenshot: ezeep Hub automatic printer detection

If you would like to automatically connect all printers that were found on the network to your ezeep Blue organization,

  1. Go to the "Find Printers" tab in the Printers section of your ezeep Hub.
  2. Check the box "Automatically add printers to the printer list."

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