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ezeep Blue Connector for Windows Print Server

The ezeep Blue Connector for Windows connects any printer installed on a Microsoft Windows PC or laptop with an ezeep Blue organization. 

The ezeep Blue Connector for Windows can be installed on a Windows PC. For example, if you're looking to make printers available to a shared workspace, your family, a smaller business environment, or if you're waiting for your ezeep Hub and want to get testing started.

Print Servers running Microsoft Windows Server can also be used to install the ezeep Blue Connector for Windows to easily connect your existing print environment to the ezeep Blue cloud and make it available to all your users.

After the installation is completed and the ezeep Blue Connector is linked to an ezeep Blue organization, it reports printer information to that organization, sends updates if printers change, and receives and processes print jobs. Printers that the ezeep Blue Connector for Print Server reports can be assigned to users by an ezeep Blue admin and – if it's enabled - by the user in the User Portal.

For Technical Requirements see link:

Technical Requirements

To install and register a new ezeep Blue Connector for Print Server, follow these steps:

  1. Log in as an administrator to the Windows device that hosts printers you want to make available to your ezeep Blue organization.
  2. Go to your ezeep Blue Organization admin portal
  3. Click on Get the Connector.

ezeep Blue Connector for PS

            A new selection will open. 

        4. Under Network Printers, select Microsoft Windows 

ezeep Blue Connector for PS

        5. The download will start and the automated process. 

        6. Once the download finishes, open the zip folder. 

ezeep Blue Connector for PS


   7. Run the installer and follow the prompts.

ezeep Blue Connector for PS

Immediately after the installation is completed, your web browser will open the ezeep Blue login page. Sign in as an ezeep Blue admin.

    8. Enter your ezeep Blue credentials to log in to the ezeep Connector for PS

ezeep Blue Connector for PS



After successful authentication, you are redirected to the Connectors page in the ezeep Blue admin portal. Should your new Connector not be listed right away, give it a few seconds and refresh your browser tab.

ezeep Blue Connector for PS


Your new Connector for Print Server is now linked with your ezeep Blue organization. Keep in mind that before users can use these new printers, they either need to be assigned to them through the admin portal. 


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