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How to install the ezeep Print App with a fixed version of Microsoft Edge WebView2

In some cases, an admin may prefer to use a fixed stable version of Microsoft Edge WebView2 in their Windows environment, since by default, this component is updated automatically by Microsoft, and any potential bugs with an update, while usually patched quickly, could impair the login process for ezeep users.

With version v2.3.17 of the Print App, we have implemented a configuration parameter in the login module where you can set a path to a folder that contains the unpacked WebView2 Cab of a fixed version. The steps to enable this:

- Extract the WebView2 cab file to any folder

- Set that file path as the parameter in the login module.

- In the registry, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ezeep\Auth

- Create a string value (Reg_SZ) called WebViewRuntimeDirector

- Set the value to the filepath of the extracted WebView2 cab file from the first step.

Doing it this way will keep WebView2 from being updated automatically, and keeping it updated is simply a matter of replacing the contents of that folder with the updated cab file. 

If the config parameter is not set, the app will behave the current way and use the up-to-date version of Webview2 that was provided with the Edge auto updates. 

For security reasons, this option should generally be avoided, as the required web component won't get updated automatically by the OS if this is enabled.

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