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I have a Hub. I printed, but nothing comes out of the printer

The ezeep Hub uses Cloud Rendering, where the printer drivers are installed on our own Render Server (RS) or Render Worker (RW). These are VMs in the cloud running either Windows Server 2016 (RS) or Windows Server 2019 (RW). When a print job is sent, it passes through either of these servers where the print job is rendered by the driver (which usually takes place locally in the Windows print subsystem on the local network with the printer). When installing a printer to the Hub, a driver must be selected in the ezeep admin portal (Network Printers page at When selecting a printer, there is a dropdown menu to select a driver. If no driver is selected, usually the printjob will simply not process. From the end users’ perspective, everything “looks” okay, but nothing will come out of the printer. The main cause of this occurrence is that the admin did not select a driver for the printer or did not select the correct driver. Thus, a driver must be selected. If the admin does not find the specific driver for their printer, they can often select a Universal Driver from the manufacturer or request a new driver from us. If a driver is selected and it is appropriate and compatible with the printer but there is still no printout, an escalation should be created.

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