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I am using the Connector for Print Server. I printed via Print Now, Chrome Extension, Mobile Apps, Mac App or Zapier and received a success message, but nothing printed.

In these cases, this can either be an API issue or problem on the rendering server, or an issue with the connector itself on the Print Server. The initial check should be to open the print queue on in Windows on the print server and select “pause printing”. Once printing is paused, a print should be attempted through ezeep again. If the incoming print job shows in the print queue on the Print Server, it can be ruled out that there was a cloud or connection issue, and the focus should then be with the printer itself (paper mismatch, out of paper, paper jam, etc. The printer’s log or interface should be checked). If the print job does not appear in the queue, this means that there is a disconnect somewhere in the cloud or connection process. The issue should be escalated.

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