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I installed the ezeep Print App. No printers are created in my Windows session

After installing the ezeep Print App and rebooting the PC or AVD/Remote Desktop session, the user will find their ezeep printers created by TPAutoConnect available in the Windows printer list. Pretty frequently, users will contact us saying no printers have been created. There are several things to rule out first:


  • Has the user selected the printer(s) in their My Printers page at
  • Has the user received an assignment for the printer via their user group? (see article)

These are the most common causes.

If those do not help, the first place look for clues is the TPAutoConnect logs in the Windows event viewer. These can be found in Applications and Services logs > Thinprint Diagnostics.

Events with the code 4002 or 1002 should show the console output of TPAutoConnect when it tried to create printers. If no printers were created, the final message usually will say “No printers found to be created in this session”, and an exit code will show at the end. The most likely exit codes in these cases will either be 224 or 219.

  • 224 = Application timeout. This means that there was a timeout when TPAC was reaching out to the cloud to pull printer info via the connection service (This is similar to the Thinprint connection service, but it is cloud based instead of on-premise). These timeouts can be due to many things, but are usually specific to the customer (network issues, internet issues) and not due to the ezeep backend.
  • 219 = No suitable client protocol found. This usually means that the connection service is unable to connect with the connector (Causes could be similar to what you might see this error with the Thinprint Engine). These are more complicated and warrant escalation. NOTE: this is only applicable if you see 219 as the exit code. In most cases, you’ll see “no suitable client protocol found” in the beginning of the TPAutoConnect output. This is a misleading "error" during TPAutoConnect / Printer Creation issue troubleshooting, as it appears only when local printer support is disabled. In some cases, we may escalate an issue when we don't have to, thinking that error is causal in a situation where network printers are not appearing in user Windows sessions. It's important to remember that this error does not indicate an issue with network printer support. The only time it is relevant to a PS connector is if no printers are created and the exit code is 219, in which case an escalation should be created.

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