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Managing Multiple Tenants

With ezeep Blue, managed service providers have the ability to manage several different tenants when providing ezeep blue to their customers. Setting up multi-tenancy is simple, and just involves signing up each organization individually with the same admin email.

Note: If you manage your customer tenants via MS Azure, use the Azure Marketplace to signup to ezeep Blue: Sign-up and Subscribe to ezeep Blue using Microsoft Azure

  • Go to our website and sign-up to ezeep Blue to create an organization Sign-Up to ezeep Blue using the ezeep Blue website.
  • Repeate the step above for all subsequent tenants making sure you use the same admin email or global administrator (in Azure) for each tenant.
  • Once you login to the ezeep Blue Admin Portal, You can manage each of your tenants from each of their portals individually by selecting the organization in the drop down on the left pane.

Managing multiple tenants with ezeep Blue

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