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Creating Groups

ezeep Blue "Groups" are the mechanism used to assign your printers to various users. 

For example, you can create just one group for smaller environments and assign all your printers and users to that group. Or, for larger settings, you can create multiple groups (based on physical location, department, company tasks, etc.) and use them to assign specific printers to specific users. The flexibility of this mechanism allows you to adapt ezeep Blue to whatever your environment requires.

Note: If you have Entra ID, connect your Entra ID See Entra ID Group Sync

Creating a new Group

  • Login to the ezeep Blue Admin Portal.
  • Select "Users & Groups" on the left pane.
  • Select "Groups" on the top header.
  • Select "Add Group" button to create a new Group.
  • In the windows enter the Group name and description.
  • Select "Create" button at the lower-right of the Group window.
    Creación de grupos

Your new group is now listed and ready to use!

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