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Understanding the ezeep Hub LEDs

The ezeep Hub has LEDs on the front and rear that tell device status, helping you troubleshoot hardware issues with your Hub.

On the front, there is a red LED on the left and a green LED on the right:

front LEDs of ezeep Hub

The red LED stays solid signifies that the device is powered on and receiving power. If this LED does not come on, it could indicate an electrical issue.

The green LED will blink periodically, and it signifies storage activity, that the storage is being accessed or being written to. If this LED does not come on, it could indicate a storage problem.

The Hub also has LEDs on the rear ethernet port. 

network port LEDs on ezeep Hub

The Link LED on the left indicates the connection speed of the network connection. If it is yellow/amber, it denotes that the connection is 1000mbps. If the LED is off, it signifies that the connection is 100mbps.

The Activity LED on the right will blink green periodically if network data is being received or transmitted. If it stays solid green, it means a link is established. If it is off, it means there is no network connection and can signify a network problem.

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