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Add Printers from ezeep Hub

With ezeep Blue, you can connect printers to the cloud using our hardware device, the ezeep Hub. This device allows you to eliminate print servers on-site. In addition, it enables a fully cloud-based printing solution, including cloud rendering, enabling print jobs to be processed in the cloud and taking away the need to manage print drivers in your environment. Once your Hub is plugged into the network via its ethernet port and powered on, you're ready to begin configuration.

Claim your ezeep Hub

NOTE: This stage is only available with Hub firmware 1.13 which is currently in Beta (If you require remote/cloud Hub management, you can contact us at to obtain a beta copy of the firmware). If your Hub is on a pre-1.13 Firmware, please proceed to the next section.

With the Hub powered on and connected to your network (and the internet), log into your ezeep web portal, and go to Network Printers > Connectors. 

NoteAny user account that you have set Admin privileges for can add printers via the Hub, in addition to the main admin account. 

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: Connector list in ezeep Blue

Click "Add Connector," then "Claim Hub."

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: Add connector button in ezeep Blue

Enter your Hub's MAC address (which can be found on the label at the bottom of the Hub) and click "Claim."

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: Claiming your ezeep Hub via the MAC address

Once your Hub is claimed, you'll see it listed in your connector list, and you can click the icon on the right to access its web interface.

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: Accessing the Hub's web interface

Add your Printers to the Hub

Log into your Hub by entering its IP address into your browser's address bar. You can find your Hub's IP address by using the Thinprint Hub Finder (attached to the bottom of this article).

Also, you can enter the Hub's hostname, https://TPHub-xxxxxx/ Where "xxxxxx" is the last 6 characters of the Hub's MAC address, which you can find printed on the bottom of the Hub.

After you've logged into the Hub, you'll be directed to the Hub's web interface. The default password is print4life (For security, we recommend changing the password on your first login.)

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: Logging into the ezeep Hub

Once logging in, the Hub should auto-detect any printers on the same network segment as the Hub. You can also add them manually via IP address using the "add a printer" button if they are not detected.

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: Adding printers to the ezeep Hub

Connect the Hub to your ezeep Blue Organization

Go to the Network page, then click the Cloud Connect tab. Once there, click the connect button.

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: Connecting your ezeep Hub to the cloud

After you connect the Hub, you'll be redirected back to your ezeep Blue portal, where you can go to the Printers tab and see your newly added printer(s)

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: Newly added printer in ezeep Blue

Select the driver for your printer

Highlight the printer, then click the driver selection menu on the right-hand side.

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: driver selection menu

Locate your printer's driver and click "select driver."

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: select specific driver

Click "Save"

Add Printers from ezeep Hub: save driver

Your Hub printer(s) are now available in your organization to be {{assigned to your users and allow them to print from their devices.}}

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