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Installing two different ezeep applications on the same PC

There are several different ezeep Applications that serve different purposes (The PrintApp creates virtual printers and uploads print jobs to the cloud, the Connector downloads print jobs from the cloud and sends them to a printer). However, these components are designed to be installed on different PCs. For example, you would install the PrintApp on your remote computer (from where you are sending your documents to print), and you would install the Connector on your local PC (where the printer is installed and connected). These different apps share common registry entries, so installing both of them on the same PC can lead to issues and the possibly inability to print successfully. Please, make sure you understand your use case and the difference between the components of ezeep Blue before you install the software. Please review the ezeep Blue Overview to understand how ezeep works and how the components work together.

If you have already installed multiple apps on the same PC and are experiencing issues, please contact us at for instructions.

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