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ezeep Blue Overview

We have designed ezeep Blue to manage your printing environment easily. You no longer have to worry about printer drivers, operating systems, or endpoints. Instead, your users quickly access the printers they want need to use, allowing them to print easily from anywhere at any time. 

The Technology

ezeep Blue is a cloud-based printing solution that consists of 3 components:

  • ezeep Blue Cloud
  • ezeep Blue Print App
  • ezeep Blue Connector

ezeep Blue Cloud

The ezeep Blue Cloud is where the print job rendering occurs. It is also where the Admin can manage the users, groups, policies, and printer assignments via the ezeep Admin Portal. To access the ezeep Blue Cloud, you must first subscribe and create an organization: Subscribe via the ezeep Blue website.

ezeep Print App

The ezeep Print app is a software component installed and configured on the user's device that sends the print job. 

The ezeep Print App can be installed on the following workstations and devices:

  • Windows PC or Virtual Desktop
    • Virtual Desktop also applies to Windows 365 Business Cloud PC, Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PC, Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix, VMWare Horizon
  • Apple MAC OS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Chromebook and Chrome Browser

ezeep Blue Connector

The ezeep Blue Connector is a software or hardware component that is installed and configured with a direct connection to the printer for the print job to be received:

  • The hardware component is called ezeep Hub. 
    • The ezeep Hub instantly connects your printers to the ezeep Blue cloud as an alternative to a Microsoft Windows print server. ezeep Hub has no mechanical components and requires no maintenance.
  • Two options exist for installation of this software component has two options done on the following computers:
    • ezeep Blue Remote A(Local Printing for Remote Desktop) 
      • Microsoft Windows
      • Apple MAC OS
    • ezeep Blue Connector for Print Server (Network Printing)
      • Microsoft Windows

Printing Process

Once the three components are installed and configured, the user can print from anywhere to any printer.

1 . User sends a print job from their workstation or device with the ezeep Blue Print App installed to the ezeep Blue cloud.

2. The print job is processed in the ezeep Blue cloud and then sent to an ezeep Blue Connector or ezeep Hub that can reach the printer requested by the user.

3. The print job is received at the ezeep Blue Connector or ezeep Hub and is then sent to the printer

Technical Requirements are described here.

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