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ezeep Webhook vs. API

ezeep blue Webhooks and API are available to help automate and process your print job data!  Both options will push the print job data automatically. Do you want to implement ezeep webhook or API but are not sure which one to choose? This article describes in a nutshell the difference between the ezeep webhook and API. You will be able to choose which one best fits your use case.

ezeep Blue Webhooks vs. API

The ezeep Blue webhook and API purpose is to connect your custom apps and automatically push print data from one app to another. 


Description: The ezeep blue webhook is a one-way communication as it sends information to another app in response to a trigger. 

In this case, ezeep blue triggers a succesful or failed job and information is sent to app XYZ.  ezeep Webhooks are simple to use and its a no-code implementation. 

Use Case Example: Monitoring System - Failed jobs occur, this triggers an incident in the monitoring system alerting the helpdesk team.

Pricing: The webhook feature is included in the ezeep Blue Pro, Business or Enterprise Plan. 

Ready to implement ezeep Blue Webhooks? You can enable with one click. Check the KB article here. Using ezeep Blue Webhooks


Description: The ezeep blue API opens a two-way communcation between the software apps via requests. 

In this case, both apps talk to each other. With a two-way communication, App XYZ requests information from App ABC, and App XYZ decides whether to send the information. With ezeep blue API, you can seamlessly automate printing and add printing functionality to your applications. 

Use Case Example: An online store - Customers purchase items using e-commerce system. As the order goes thru, ezeep automatically prints an invoice and packing slip at a remote warehouse label printers to fulfill the order.

Pricing: The API has a page per month quota in the ezeep Pro, Business or Enterprise Plan.  Overages of 0.01c per page are charged for pages which exceed the plan's limit.

Ready to implement the ezeep Blue API? Check the documentation ezeep Blue API documentation.

Would you rather use ezeep blue with a no-code 3rd party app? We have a few integrations available. Look for integration with Zapier, Pabbly and Make

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