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Pull Printing: Configure ezeep Hub + Card Reader

With this configuration, the users will be able to authenticate at the printer by swiping NFC Card on the ezeep Release Station.

Note: This feature is available in the Business or Enterprise Plan.

-Requires ezeep hub + Card reader

-If you have not connected the ezeep hub to the ezee cloud, see link: Add Printers from ezeep Hub

-NFC cards with changing IDs are not supported. 

Step 1: Get pull printing password

  • Log into the ezeep Blue portal with your admin credentials
  • Select "Connectors" on the left pane
  • Select the ezeep hub you want to enable with pull printing
  • Click on "Get new pull printing password" on the right pane
  • Copy the password

Step 2: Enable pull printing on the ezeep Hub

  • While in the ezeep blue portal
  • Select "Connectors" on the left pane.
  • Select the ezeep hub 
  • Click on the remote window icon next to the ezeep hub connector to log in to the hub remotely.
  • Log-in remote to the ezeep hub console (default password : print4life)
  • Select "Pull Printing" on the left pane
  • Check the box "Enable pull printing"
  • Paste the password to the pull printing password field and save changes.
  • Go back to the ezeep Blue Portal
  • Select "Printers" on the left pane
  • Select the printer that the job is going to be released to
  • Click on the printer id on the right pane to copy it 
  • Go back to the ezeep Console
  • Select "Pull Printing" on the left pane
  • Paste the printer id in the "personal printer id" field and save changes. 
  • Link NFC Card by scanning the NFC card on the card reader
  • A "Welcome to ezeep" page will be printed on the printer photo: showing the welcome to ezeep pairing page
  • Follow the steps on the printed page

PLEASE NOTE: The generated pairing code you receive on the printed instructions page will expire after 24 hours. If you receive an "expired" error, simply scan the NFC card again to generate a new pairing code.

Pull Printing: Configure ezeep Hub + Card Reader

Step 3: Assign the printer "AnyPrinter by ezeep" to users and groups.

  • Go to "Printers" in the left pane.
  • Click on "Network Printers" on the top header.
  • Select the printer "AnyPrinter by ezeep".
  • Click on +"Assignments" on the right pane.
  • Assign a "User" or"Group"
  • Click on "Done"
  • Click on "Save" on the right pane.

Pull Printing: Configure Release Station with NFC Card

That's it! The users in that group are ready to print securely! To print, follow steps in the next section Printing using Pull Printing.

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