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Setting up Print Later

Print Later allows you to print and collect the print jobs at a later time at any printer. The user can print from any prefferred desktop or mobile device to the virtual printer queue "AnyPrinter by ezeep". At a later time they can release the print job(s) at their preffered printer using their mobile device Android or iOS.  

Note: This feature is available in the Pro, Business and Enterprise Plans.

ezeep blue print later feature

Step 1: Enable Print Later Policy

  • Log into the ezeep Blue portal with your admin credentials.
  • Open the menu item "Policies" in the left pane.
  • Find the policy "Print Later" and enable it by moving the toggle to the right.

Step 2: Assign the "AnyPrinter by ezeep" to the users or groups

  • Go to "Printers" on the left pane.
  • Click on "Network Printers" on the top header.
  • Find & Select the printer "AnyPrinter by ezeep".
  • Click on +"Assignments" on the right pane.
  • Assign a "User" or"Group" by selecting the checkbox. 
  • Click "Done"
  • Click "Save"

That's it! The users in that group are ready to print and collect print jobs later! To print using print later feature, follow steps in the next section: Printing using Print Later.

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