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API Integration of ezeep Blue Cloud Printing Into Your Application

With ezeep Blue, you can integrate ezeep Blue with your home-grown application to deliver reliable, true-to-format printouts directly to your customers without ever dealing with the complexity of printing.

ezeep Blue's public API. A RESTful API allows you to programmatically automate your printing via our URL endpoints, secured with OAuth2. 

As a result, you can seamlessly automate printing and add printing functionality to your applications. 

The ezeep API has many benefits and can solve many problems by adding printing functionality to your application and overall automation of the Printing process. 

For example, an online retailer may have a web-based store where customers can purchase items online through their e-commerce system. However, an invoice and packing slip must be printed quickly at a remote warehouse to fulfill the order is placed when an. 

In addition, a worker may have to check for new orders and print the required items manually in the past. Still, ezeep Blue can easily have the entire process automated, reducing workload and streamlining the order fulfillment process.

ezeep Blue API diagram

Do you want to get started? Follow the steps below:

1. Create an ezeep Blue organization 

2. Request API OAuth credentials by filling out this form API Request.

3. You are ready to begin! visit the ezeep Blue API documents to guide you through the specific requests and code needed to integrate printing with your applications.

4. Ready to purchase? Pricing information: A quota for triggering print jobs automatically is included in each plan. Overages of 0.01c per page are charged for pages which exceed the Pro or Business plan's limit. Normal user printing is unlimited and is not affected by API quotas. For details info see plans API Pricing

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