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Local Printer Support

The Local Printer Support section in the Policies page allows you to control users' access to the local printer support/redirection feature or utilize their local printers within a remote desktop session via the ezeep Print App. Of course, the feature can also be entirely disabled here. By default, local printer support is enabled for all users.

Enable Local Printer support for specific user groups

 After navigating to the Policies page, click "add group" under Local Printer Support.Local Printer Support

Select the group(s) you wish to add to local printer support, then click "Add."

Add groups to Local Printer Support

Now, users in the selected groups will be able to utilize Local Printer Support via the ezeep Connector on their local PCLocal Printer Support

After local printer support is enabled, you or the user can download the ezeep Connector in the Apps & Downloads section to install the ezeep Blue Connector on their local PC where their local printer(s) are set up.

Local Printer Support

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