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ezeep Blue Remote Desktop Agent for Windows & Mac

Install the ezeep Blue Remote Desktop Agent for Windows & Mac

The ezeep Blue Remote Desktop Agent for Windows allows you to redirect your local installed printers from a Windows PC to a virtual windows desktop. Once it is setup, you will see your local printer(s) available in your virtual desktop session. Are you ready to print to your local printers? Let's go! 

Follow the steps below: 

  • Login to the ezeep Blue Portal
  • On the left pane select Apps & Downloads
  • Download & Install the Remote Desktop Agent package on the physical machine where you have your printers installed and configured such as Windows or Mac.  

apps and downloads page

Run the installer and follow the prompts

connector installshield wizard

Once installed, a browser will pop up with a login prompt. Log in with your ezeep user credentials.

login prompt

Once logged in, you will see the Connector icon in your system tray, which tells you the ezeep Connector is running. 

connector tray icon

Next Step: Download & Install the ezeep Print app on the virtual desktop where you want to print from. Go to the virtual desktop and follow the steps on this link: 

ezeep Blue Print App for Windows

ezeep Blue Print App for MacOS

Once the installs are completed, you are ready to start your remote session to the virtual desktop. The local printers on your physical desktop will then be redirected to your virtual desktop!

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