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Add Printers from a Windows Machine

ezeep Blue is very flexible. It will adapt to any environment setting. It is ideal for home offices, if you want to print to your home printer when you are on the go, or shared workspaces where users or employees want to utilize the same set of printers. As well, In enterprise office settings with existing print servers in branch locations. No matter what your current setup is, your existing printers can be connected to the ezeep cloud with minimal effort so you and your users can start printing from anywhere at anytime...Are you ready to connect your printes to the ezeep cloud? Great! Just follow the steps below to connect your printers to the ezeep cloud.

Step 1: Connect your printer(s) to the ezeep Cloud

  • Login to the ezeep Blue admin portal with your credentials.
  • In the Quickstart step 1 click on "Download"
  • Run the installer on a windows PC or server where you have the printers installed.
  • When prompted, enter your ezeep Blue Admin credentials 

Note: Are you eliminating print servers but still need to print to the printers at remote locations? No worries, we got you covered with the ezeep Hub Connector. Lear more about it here: Add Printers from ezeep Hub

Step 2: Enable your printer(s)

  • Click on "My Printers" on the left pane
  • Find your printer(s) and enable it by switching the toggle button.

Step 3: Ready to print!

  • Print a test page with the "Print Now" option
  • The users are ready to print. Simply assign the printers to the users. See link: Assigning Network Printers

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