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Printing using Pull Printing

You want to print a confidential document on a shared corporate printer? Then use AnyPrinter by ezeep. When using this printer, the print job will be stored in a virtual print queue "AnyPrinter by ezeep". The print job will be released to the printer when you come personally to the physical printer and authenticate with a mobile device by scanning the printer QR Code or a scanning an NFC card in the ezeep release station. This removes the worry of important printouts falling into the wrong hands. Are you ready to print using Pull printing? Go right ahead!

Note: If you have not setup pull printing yet, go back to Setting up Pull Printing

Step 1: Sending a print job

  • Select the document you want to print from any prefferred desktop or mobile device where you have installed the ezeep Blue Print App. 
  • Select the virtual printer "AnyPrinter by ezeep" from your printer list.

Printing using Pull Printing

  • As an alternative, you can also use the Print Now button in the ezeep portal (left arrow in illus.) and select AnyPrinter by ezeep there (right arrow in illus.).

Printing using Pull Printing

  • Or you can use the ezeep Blue app on your smartphone and select AnyPrinter by ezeep as your printer (arrow in illus., example for Android).

Printing using Pull Printing

  • Then tap on Print.
  • The job will be stored in the secure print queue until you release it. 

Step 2: Authenticating and releasing the print job

2a. Mobile device using QR Codes

  • Now walk to the physical printer of your choice.
  • Open the ezeep Blue app in your mobile device (Android/iOS). 
  • Under "My Print Jobs" you will find the print job here.
  • Tap on Release 

Printing using Pull Printing

  • Now scan the QR code on your printer.

Printing using Pull Printing

  • The print job will then be printed.

2b. ezeep Release Station with NFC Card

  • Now walk to the physical printer of your choice.
  • Scan your NFC card on the release station card scanner (beeps once)
  • The print job will then be printed
  • NOTE: The jobs printed using Pull Printing will be stored in the ezeep cloud for 72hrs. After this time it will automatically be discarded.

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