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Unattended Deployment Installation

With ezeep Blue, you can deploy the ezeep Blue Print App, Blue Connector for Print Server and ezeep Blue Remote Desktop Agent to your organization's computers without user interaction needed by executing the installation through the Windows command prompt with the options listed below. Furthermore, it can be deployed to your organization's environment via Group Policy, Microsoft Intune, and other software and domain manage. The MSI installers must simply be extracted from the EXE installer files, after which they can be deployed via the desired means. 

Products & Components

Unattended installation, uninstallation is possible with the following ezeep products:

Product/ComponentInstallation program
ezeep Blue Print AppezeepPrintApp.exe
ezeep Blue Connector for PSezeepConnectorforPS.exe
ezeep Blue Remote Desktop AgentezeepConnector.exe


Local Administrator permissions are required for all installation and configuration proce­dures. 

Modes of unattended installation

The installation program is downloaded as a setup file (ezeepApp.exe, for example). From this installer an .msi file can be unpacked using the parameter /a. You have to decide on one of the following procedures for unattended installation:


  • Installation via setup file
    All necessary components will be copied to the target machine. Afterwards the setup file will be started there with parameters.
  • Installation via .msi file
    Distribution of the .msi file. Extract the .msi file from the setup file with the parameter /a.

Download the setup file/installer

  • Login to the ezeep Blue Admin portal. 
  • Select "Apps & Downloads".
  • Download the installer for Windows.

Installation via setup file

  • Copy the setup file to a directory of the target windows machine.
  • Open a command prompt as administrator and change into the directory that contains the downloaded installer file.
  • Run one of the following commands to start the unattended installation: 
  • Examples below:
  • For ezeep Blue Print App: ezeepPrintApp.exe /S /V"/qn/" 
  • For ezeep Blue Connector for Print Server: ezeepConnectorforPS.exe /S /V"/qn/" command line install for connector for PS
  • For ezeep Blue Remote Desktop Agent: ezeepConnectorforPS.exe /S /V"/qn/"  command line install for connectorInstallation via .msi file
  • Unpacking the setup file

    From this setup file an .msi file can be unpacked using the parameter /a. Extract the .msi file of the setup program, for example.

  • ezeepPrintApp.exe /s /a"C:\temp\extract\SetupPrerequisites" /b"C:\temp\extract\FullMSI" /v"TARGETDIR=C:\temp\extract /qb"
    ezeepConnectorforPS.exe /s /a"C:\temp\extract\SetupPrerequisites" /b"C:\temp\extract\FullMSI" /v"TARGETDIR=C:\temp\extract /qb"

  • ezeepConnector.exe /s /a"C:\temp\extract\SetupPrerequisites" /b"C:\temp\extract\FullMSI" /v"TARGETDIR=C:\temp\extract /qb" 
    Note: This will unpack the .msi file and the prerequisites to c:\install
    The /b parameter ensures that the signature of the MSI file is retained 

For a successful automatic deployment, deploy the software packages from the folder .\SetupPrerequisites first before installing the MSI file from the folder .\extract\FullMSI.
ezeep MSI installation

The MSI can now be used to deploy with the respective msi parameters
Parameters for setup file, ezeep MSIs and MsiExec.exe
Setup file 

Parameters for setup file or the respective .msi file

/sDoes not show the initial dialog
/vAll following characters will be assigned as parameters to MsiExec.exe.
/qnunattended installation (q), no user interface (n)
/qbunattended installation (q), basic user interface (b)
/LLanguage ID


Extract of parameters for MsiExec.exe:

/qnunattended installation (q), no user interface (n)
/qbunattended installation (q), basic user interface (b)
/l, /log, /L*vdetailed logging
/x, /uninstalluninstallation

See also the Windows Installer Command-Line options at: 

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