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ezeep Blue Print App for MacOS

To start printing with ezeep Blue from your iMac or MacBook, you will need to download, install and configure the ezeep print app on your Mac. Below you will find the installation and configuration steps for MacOS.


  • An active ezeep Blue subscription for your organization may be provided by your IT team.
  • An ezeep user account to be able to login to the ezeep user portal:
  • An ezeep Connector with a configured printer.
  • For Technical Requirements, see link:

Technical Requirements

 ezeep Blue Print App Download

  •  Log in to the ezeep User Portal: Blue Print App for MacOS: login
  • On the left pane, select "Apps and Downloads."ezeep Blue Print App for MacOS: download app
  • Under "Print App for Desktops," click the download arrow on "Apple macOS." 

ezeep Blue Print App Install

  • Find the downloaded software folder and extract the zip file.
  • Run the ezeep Print App installer package

Follow the prompts in the wizard by clicking Continue

ezeep Blue Print App for MacOS: installer wizard

Enter admin credentials when promptedezeep Blue Print App for MacOS: admin credentials

Wait for the installer to finishezeep Blue Print App for MacOS: installingOnce the app is installed, a browser will pop up with a login prompt. Login to your ezeep account.ezeep Blue Print App for MacOS: login to appOnce logged in, you will see the ezeep app icon in the top dock, you can click on it to access the app menu ezeep Blue Print App for MacOS: app menuNow, when you go to print from an application, you will see your ezeep printers listed with [e] in front of the name ezeep Blue Print App for MacOS: printer list

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