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Using ezeep Blue Webhooks

The ezeep Blue webhook can notify 3rd party applications of printjob data and volume. This is helpful for reporting and billing systems, as well as alert systems. The webhook will send notifications when a print job is successful or if the print job has failed. These notifications are delivered in real-time and contain everything relevant, such as username, printer name, document type etc. To setup, you provide the URL of your 3rd party app that you’d like notifications sent to. . Once a webhook is established, each time a print action is performed in the ezeep Blue organization (e.g. user prints to an organization printer) ezeep blue triggers the webhook and sends this information to the webhook_url as a post request. 


  • An active ezeep Blue Enterprise or Business subscription
  • A listening webhook URL from your 3rd party app (examples below requires an account with the respective 3rd party app)

Generate 3rd party app incoming webhook URL

  • Create a incoming webhook URL in your preferred app. The steps here will vary depending on which app you are working with. Your 3rd party app will generate an webhook URL. Copy this url as you will need it in the next steps.

Enable ezeep Blue Webhook

  • Log into ezeep Blue Admin portal
  • On the left pance, click on "Settings"
  • On the top header, click on "Integrations"
  • Click on "Add Webhook" and fill in the properties
    • Name of the webhook
    • Choose the webhook trigger "Print Job Succedded" or "Print Job Failed"
    • Copy/Paste the 3rd party app incoming webhook URL in the field.
    • Optional: Protect webhook with authentication by entering credentials.'
    • Click on "Done"
    • The webhook is automatically enabled. If you want to disable it, simply toggle the switch.
    • Other options: 
      • Test Run: You can click on "Test Run" to send a call to the webhook and verify if it was successful.
      • Failed Events: The webhook failed events will be stored for x days and will automatically retry at next interval. The admin can also manually retry the event. 

Use Case 1: "Send a notification of failed print job which creates an incident alert in the monitoring system". 

Example 1:  Using Grafana monitoring systems incoming webhook to received notification

ezeep webhook and monitoring system

Use Case 2: "Send a notification of successful print jobs to billing spreadsheet".

Example 2: Using zapier incoming webhook to receive notification and send data to google spreadsheet.

ezeep webhook and zaps


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