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ezeep Blue Overview

The ezeep Blue User Guide is designed for users of the ezeep Blue cloud printing platform. The set up and administration are described in the Admin Guide.  If you have signed up for ezeep Blue for personal use, please start with the Admin Guide before moving on with the User Guide.

ezeep Blue consists of three main components: The ezeep Blue Print App, the ezeep Blue Cloud, and the ezeep Blue Connector, of which only the Print App is relevant to this user guide. You find your devices and the apps running on them that need to print on the left. 

The ezeep Blue Cloud in the middle encompasses the main ezeep Blue account with all the users attached to it, along with the administrative functions and the secret sauce that enables cloud printing. Finally, the printers that receive their print jobs from the ezeep Cloud via an ezeep Hub or ezeep Blue Connector software are on the right side. 

In real-life, the devices and printers can be very close to each other, but we chose this schematic layout to better how the flow of data. As an ezeep Blue User, there are only a few things you need to think about:

User Account-Credentials

To gain access to the printers and use the ezeep Blue Print App, your ezeep Blue admin will invite you to the appropriate ezeep Blue organization via email. Once you receive this invitation email, you will be prompted to set your password via a link.

Note: For more information, please look at our other knowledgebase article about the Accepting the ezeep Blue User Invite

ezeep Print App

The ezeep Print App needs to be installed and configured on your device from which you want to print. To use the app, you will need your ezeep Blue Account Credentials. 

The ezeep Print App can be installed on the following workstations and devices:

  • Windows PC or Virtual Desktop Sessions
  • Apple macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Chromebook and Chrome Browser

Access your User Portal

Once your user account has been created, you can access your user portal by clicking on the blue "Sign In" button in the upper right corner on our website or by using the link ezeep Blue Portal

For more details about the ezeep Blue User Portal, please have a look at the following articles:

To start printing follow the QuickStart steps: QuickStart to print your first page!

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