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Three Steps to Your First Printed Page

ezeep Blue is easy to set up and easy to use. This article will show you the three steps to get you to the first printed page in no time.

We invite you to explore both the Admin Guide and the User Guide sections for many more options available to you, but it will get the basics set up and print a page for now.

For this article, we're assuming you will print with the same account you signed up with and that you did not sign up through the Azure Marketplace (If you don't know what that is, you didn't sign up through the Azure Marketplace). 

Please stick with us for now. You can expand the environment later.

Step 1: Connect a printer to your account

The easiest way to add a printer in most environments is to install the ezeep Blue Connector for Windows on a Windows computer or server you're not using to print. Then, add the printers from this connector to your ezeep Blue organization

The last items in this step are adding a user group, adding your user to a user group, and assigning the printer to your user group so they can print.

Please see the "Installing & Configuring ezeep Blue Connector" section on the left in this Admin Guide for other options to connect printers to your accounts.

Step 2: Add a device that can print to your printer

Next up, grab another device you want to print from and install the ezeep Blue Print App. The ezeep Blue Print App sends your print job to the ezeep Blue Cloud to be sent to the printer.

You can use another Windows PC, a Mac, iPhone or iPad, Android device, Chromebook, or the Chrome extension. The ezeep Blue Print App for each device can be found in "Apps & Downloads" on the left side of your ezeep Blue portal.

Step 3: Print

Nice work! You're ready to print! 

On Windows PCs and Macs, you can print like you usually do by clicking File -> Print. For more detailed instructions and the print workflows on other devices, see the Printing with ezeep Blue section in the user guide.

If you need help with any of these steps, please reach out to the ezeep Customer Success Team.

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