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What languages does the ezeep driver support?

The ezeep Blue Print App (Windows) comes with the ThinPrint Output Gateway printer driver. It is a proprietary universal printer driver developed by ThinPrint. It allows users to print to any printer without having to have every possible printer driver installed on their Windows desktop.

17 languages are supported.  The language settings of the Windows system are used to automatically choose the language the user sees when opening the printer properties.

Supported languages are:

  • Chinese Simplified (CHS)
  • Chinese Traditional (CHT)
  • Czech (CSY)
  • English (ENU)
  • French (FRA)
  • German (DEU)
  • Greek (ELL)
  • Hungarian (HUN)
  • Italian (ITA)
  • Japanese (JPN)
  • Korean (KOR)
  • Polish (PLK)
  • Portuguese Brazilian (PTB)
  • Russian (RUS)
  • Spanish (ESN)
  • Swedish (SVE)
  • Thai (THA)

For all other system languages, English will be used.

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